Craving Personal Connections

Technology is increasingly making it possible to live life more quickly, easily, and often without ever talking to another human being. Yet in spite of this automated and self-service oriented culture, face to face, direct, and experiential marketing are growing. Consumers are choosing to go to a store to make certain purchases, to attend an in-home jewelry party, and are showing up in huge numbers to experience a brand first-hand at events. Here are 3 reasons why this is happening:  

  1. We crave relationships. While we can buy products online, in person events provide so much more than a brand demonstration. Education and personal recommendations from a persona, a lifestyle/topic expert, deliver a much stronger connection to the brand.
  2. Trust is built in groups. A big majority of purchase decisions are driven by word of mouth recommendations. Even if a consumer is not familiar with a brand at an event, if a person they already trust is with them, and exhibits a positive affinity to the brand, they are much more likely to be open minded.
  3. Experiences build memories. Positive experiences create positive memories, which stick around much longer in our consciousness. We may not remember what brand was listed top on a price or feature comparision chart, but we absolutely remember how the brand makes us feel. 

As technology allows us to be more and more impersonal and efficient, people will continue to seek out ways to forge more personal and authentic connections. 

Photo Credit: Christopher Robbins/ Getty Images

Photo Credit: Christopher Robbins/Getty Images