Breaking Down Social Media Success

Here at Department Zero there is a big focus on social media; I never realized the amount of effort companies' put into getting high numbers of "likes" on Facebook or followers on Twitter. Every post has a similar goal, and that is to get your post shared or retweeted, allowing the post to be seen by as many people as possible. It is all about spreading social awareness of a company or brand.

Because of my recent engagement with social media, when I stumbled upon the infographic below about Wal-Mart, I was instantly intrigued.

Wal-Mart really seems to know what's up. Keeping that in mind, I've looked into it, and narrowed down what I think are the most important factors. From there, I've created what I like to call "The 4 F's of Social Media.":

  • FrequencyWal-Mart posts 5- 6 times a day--not too many as to be annoying, but not too few that they are forgotten.
  • Friends: When posting, the goal is to get people to get people to act as a friend would to the brand: receive advice, share tips, and show more of their friends.
  • Fotos: It is so important to use images and other media in your posts; people just don't have the attention span to sit through lines upon lines of text.
  • Feeling: The real, ultimate goal of a post is to not only evoke a positive emotion within the viewer, but also create a feeling of a community within the brand.

And from there, you're golden.