Avoid a Common Event Sponsorship Mistake


Sponsorships are a great way to align a brand with a popular activity, sport or event. In sponsorship negotiations, on-site activation is often viewed as secondary to logo placement, but in reality, they are equally important.  While a prominent logo will catch some eyes, a strong brand engagement will create memories.  Memories create brand loyalty, which is why developing a solid strategy to activate sponsorship investments is key.

When brands engage and communicate with consumers at a sponsored event, both ROI   (return on investment) and ROE (return on engagement) increase significantly.  Consider the following when planning the next sponsorship activation:

  • Identify branded tactics that will enhance the consumer's overall event going experience.
  • Seek unique, brand-relevant sponsorship elements that cost less, but can pay off big (i.e., sponsor the restroom line, parking lot, etc.)
  • Require roaming rights to allow teams to engage consumers away from the branded event site
  • Supply branded assets that enhance the experience (i.e., a branded, air-conditioned trailer becomes a nice VIP area)
  • Extend your brand association beyond the sponsorship with a supporting social media campaign and branded pre/post events
  • Include a sweepstakes that captures consumer information and reflects the sponsored event (i.e., tickets, event-going gear, etc.)