Party at Your Place! 5 Tips to Create Profitable In-Store Events

Offering a positive and unforgettable retail experience is the quickest and easiest way to build and continue to grow a healthy retail business. While technology is making it easier for people to fulfill their needs with the click of a button, we still crave personal and emotional connections. Retail events and private sales are a lot more than sales drivers - they build loyal customer relationships.

The holiday season provides even more excuses for consumers to indulge. From Halloween to the New Year, we embrace opportunities to get together, celebrate, eat, and share the joy of the season. 


Fashion Show at a Nordstrom event

Fashion Show at a Nordstrom event

  • Create the Atmosphere: A special event needs to feel special. Focus on customizing the environment to allow customers to relax, lower inhibitions, socialize and play. 
  • Say Thank You: Make your loyal current customers feel like VIPs, and reinforce the positive, emotional connection they have with your brand. Give gifts with purchase, and offer special access to your best customers.
  • Presentation is Everything: Package the products and merchandise in a new, unique and upscale way. In-store events are perfect time to bring in unique merchandise, live appearances from designers, an opportunity to customize an item, or use the event to debut a new line. 
  • Make It Easy : Offering a small discount only available during your event provides the customer with an incentive for immediate action, even if they arrived without intent to purchase. Sales staff and the entire purchase process should be helpful, stress-free, and add to the atmosphere rather than detracting from it. 
  • Get and Stay Social: Many of your guests will post about your event and the fun they had, via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Use this to your advantage by encouraging guests to link to your pages, profiles, or use your hashtags. Use your event as an opportunity to grow your own social media following.
  • DJ at a Puma Store Event

    DJ at a Puma Store Event

    Successful in-store events are easy to identify. They build loyalty among current customers, make repeat customers out of new visitors, earn work of mouth recommendations, and increase sales.