Healthy Lifestyle Marketing

Have you ever really loved an ad campaign?  One that has had my heart for the better part of a decade is Kaiser Permanente’s Thrive campaign.  Thrive ads promote Kaiser’s mission of total health with light and fun reminders such as take naps, watch a TV show that makes you laugh, make plans to see friends this weekend, and go play fetch with Fido.  This health care company doesn’t just want me to be healthy but to THRIVE.  I like that.  A lot.

Whether a healthy lifestyle campaign is helping promote increased use of your good and services or, in Kaiser’s case, hopefully decrease in need of their services, these campaigns naturally lend themselves to great experiential programs as well, since the message is so personal.  Experiential programs that bring the healthy side of a brand to life are a direct route to increased ROI for a few reasons:

  • Interest: People are really interested in being healthy.  Check out the magazine rack at the grocery store if you need any convincing on this. People will naturally be drawn to a program that strategically highlights the health benefits of your brand. 
  • Sharing:  A well thought out and planned healthy lifestyle program will give participants something they will want to share to their Social Media sites.  After all, we love to talk about what we are doing to be healthier and more active. How many gym check-ins and run logs have you seen posted on FB?  
  • Connection:  The connection we feel with a brand that is prioritizing health, fitness, or wellness is inherently personal.  As long as it’s authentic and real this can create real brand advocates in the people that engage with this type of program.
Nicki Thrive.jpg