Virtual Reality Could Become... A Reality

Virtual reality has always made for an exciting concept, but the technology hasn't been advanced enough to live up to our expectations. This year, that will change.

Thanks to the virtual reality pioneers at Oculus, later this year $300 will get you the most advanced consumer-based virtual reality system ever developed. A lot of hype was built up last year around the Kickstarter campaign and now the system has held its own, becoming an overwhelming favorite at CES.


Virtual reality has the potential to affect our lives in more ways than we can probably imagine. Outside of the entertainment world, imagine the possibilities for the medical, engineering and education fields.

And what about the marketing industry?

 It’s always been a race to be the first to incorporate new technology into a marketing strategy. We will see rapid inclusion of virtual reality in the experiential marketing industry in the next few years. The challenge of the future might not be limited to creating a real world event space but also providing an enticing virtual event experience. Where would you take your consumer if you weren't faced with the real world limitations we wrestle with on a daily basis?