BYOBE (Bring Your Own Brand Experience)

Over the years, we have seen tens of thousands of event sponsorship proposals from event organizers. We have vetted and negotiated thousands of sponsorships on behalf of our clients.  One of the things that always leaves us scratching our collective heads is the propensity for event organizers to include management of the sponsor's onsite brand activation.  While we can appreciate the helpful intent , here are just a few reasons why sponsors should pass on their offer:

  1. Most brands do not purchase traditional ad time or digital inventory without being prepared to provide their own creative content. Maintaining a strong brand identity means not letting the local cable company create your ad, or letting the local festival promoter decide how to best bring your brand to the event site.
  2. A company's marketing goals and success metrics are constantly shifting, so the tactics used at on-site activations should too. Event organizers are not likely to have time to dedicate to understanding the brand's specific goals, be able to impact ROI, or deliver reporting and recommendations for improvement. 
  3. Finally, it is in everyone’s best interest for event promoters to remain focused on putting on an awesome event!  Brands sponsor events, fairs and festivals because they want to be associated with great experiences.  Producing a stellar event, providing key insights about event attendees and event flow, identifying additional exposure opportunities, or even sharing how other brands have stood out, are some of the best ways that an event organizer can best support it's brand sponsors. 

An event promoter certainly has a unique perspective on areas that would best lend themselves to sponsor integration.  However, it is unlikely that they will have a deep enough understanding of specific goals and overall initiatives to properly bring the brand to life and engage attendees.


Don't let your brand blend into the event background. Bring your own brand experience, and make an impact.