A Beautiful Experience

At Department Zero, we provide impact to traditional advertising campaigns; taking them to the next level by incorporating brand activation.  We think about what you could do if you turned that ad into an experience with the consumer.

When I was reading “Creativity Picks the Best Ads of 2013: Citibikes, Dove and IBM” in Advertising Age  it got me thinkingDove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” or "Selfie" social media experience would be a great campaign to turn into a national brand experience. Imagine a mobile art show or installation using these images to show women how they really see themselves. An experience that allows women to see how hard they really are on themselves and to say “geez, give yourself a break”.

The documentary and videos from thess social media experiences are compelling and eye opening. Incorporating this campaign with local youth programs would really impact how young girls view themselves. It also incorporates nicely with some of the programs Dove already implements through their Dove® Global Self-Esteem Ambassador, Jess Weiner, and their Self-Esteem Project  which “invites all women to join us in creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety”.