2015 Trends: Marketing Shifts

What does 2015 have in store for marketers? The topics on everyone's mind right now are more tech, more data, more strategic planning, the growth of media and Hispanic agencies, and a focus on internal communications. 

  1. Marketing technologists:  Why are so many companies' "digital team" still sitting separately from the rest of the marketing department, in 2015? People with digital DNA who are wired to develop and apply new tech into existing and future marketing efforts will be integrated more seamlessly with the marketing groups. 
  2. Media agencies: Media agencies are still regarded as providers of media buy recommendations and ratings math. But the reality is that in today's world, creativity is necessary for effective media placement. Media agencies are making the transition from media-facing to consumer facing. Uniquely positioned at the intersection of technology and the consumer, they can become their clients’ key strategic partner, even more so than creative agencies. Big data and technology are only growing, so an open, progressive, math-minded agency partner could be the most valuable partner.
  3. Hispanic agencies: Hispanics are 17% of the U.S. population, and are 56% of total U.S. population growth since the last decade. U.S. Hispanic purchasing power exceeds $1 trillion and is expected to grow by 2017 80% faster than non-Hispanic. Marketers will finally pay attention next year.  Hispanic agencies that are capable of engaging consumers well beyond this demographic will grow dramatically.
  4. Internal Communications: Companies will be focused on internal communications as a marketing asset. They will look at it as a key challenge and opportunity to create brand ambassadors and make sure that employees and vendors understand and live “the brand,” as well as the vision and strategy of the company.
  5. Strategic Planning: Plan the work, and work the plan. Strategic planning continues to become more and more necessary as marketing options grow. Marketers must be able to make quick, daily, tactical decisions that help achieve the overall business goals. A strategic plan enables the deployment of content marketing, social media, promotions, events, new technologies, sponsorships and media, consistently and efficiently .