2015 Trends: 3D Fashion

Fashion houses are bring new and exciting textures to wearable clothing in 2015 through 3D printing and innovative materials. 


3D Printing

Pringle of Scotland is an iconic brand founded in 1815, who used 3D printing in their Autumn Winter 2014 collection and their latest runway looks for Spring Ready to Wear 2015. Made to look like classic knit patterns, cashmere garments were accented with 3D printed panels. The panels, which move like fabric, were created from powdered nylon in a process called Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).  SLS is a 3D printing process that heats and fuses powdered material to build a three dimensional part. It is a fairly new technology most commonly used in the aerospace, automotive, and industrial industries, to name a few. The head designer of Pringle of Scotland, Massimo Nicosia, felt SLS was the solution to keep the brand relevant as it approaches two centuries of production in a fast moving world of fashion and technology.

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