My Disney Experience

We constantly explore new event technologies here at Department Zero, always on the lookout for new ways to successfully integrate it into our clients' branded experiences. I recently got to experience event RFID on a grand scale when I attended the Epcot Food and Wine Festival at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. Disney creates gold standard experiences, and the RFID technology is a great example. 

The My Disney Experience App makes it incredibly easy to keep track of all your activities while at the park, and serves as a hub for all your photos, FastPasses, entry into the parks, and schedules. 

By wearing the RFID bracelet called a MagicBand, shipped in a fancy box prior to your arrival, you can open your hotel room door, charge items at the parks to your credit card linked to the account, retrieve your photo captured while screaming down Space Mountain, and much more. The bands work by touching “your Mickey” to “their Mickey”.

Mickey to Mickey Image.jpg

In some cases such as the action photos, they work without “bumping Mickeys.” The technology works just by walking through a certain area after exiting the ride.

It was so easy to use and also very easy to lose track of how much you have spent. I can now go into My Disney Experience account and see what a glutton I was. All my reservations for dining, culinary seminars, and wine tastings that I booked while at the Food and Wine Festival are there to re-experience!

The technology enabled and expanded my experience with Disney, removing barriers to enjoying everything. I would expect nothing less from the most magical place on earth.

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