WOMMA Summit 2014

Department Zero was invited to speak at the recent 2014 Annual Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Summit in sunny Hollywood, CA. CEO Paul Soseman presented a session on the future of event technology, along with a deep dive into some of the efforts we've been deploying for our clients.

While at the Summit, we enjoyed a three day immersion in social and live marketing trends, case studies and best practices, along with keynotes from marketing thought leaders from AEG Sports, NASA, and Redbox, to name a few. There was a tremendous amount of information shared, and a landmark WOM efficiency study was unveiled.

Below are a few of our key take-aways:

  • Offline WOM produces 2/3 of the measured impact while online produces the remaining 1/3. That is to say that a recommendation gained in person is more powerful than one received online.
  • One offline word of mouth impression drives sales 5X more than paid media impressions - and this number skyrockets for higher consideration categories.
  • Real-time marketing, or communicating relevant content in the moment, significantly increase ROI when done well.
  • Social Campaigns benefit from creating experiential campaigns to curate OWNABLE content.
  • If it doesn’t work on mobile, it doesn’t work. All digital tie-ins or content need to be mobile optimized.

For more on the WOMMA study, click here: http://www.womma.org/returnonwom