Touch-Sensitive Everything


Do you remember the first time you played with one of those touch screen games at a restaurant or bar? For me it was at a pizza place when I was a kid. At the time, it was the most amazing technology I had ever experienced. I couldn't understand why every screen wasn't touch-sensitive!  Well, we aren't quite there, but it sure looks like it’s where the world is headed.

Touch screens used to be a rare and exciting feature for many of us. Today, they are expected and have become second nature even to toddlers.

Phones, computers, tablets, even watches have touch screens. Do you ever wonder what could be next?

Some of the most forward thinking designers are already working on making the touch screens in our vehicles more intuitive. But what really interests me is the idea of adding touch sensitive interactivity to everyday objects. BMW is investing in touch-sensitive fabric so you can interact with surfaces inside the vehicle that aren't made of glass.

In the event marketing industry you hope that every piece of an event display has a purpose. Imagine if your banner didn’t have to be static, your tent could be reprogrammed, and your walls turned into giant monitors without a costly, heavy LCD display to worry about. While it is a bit clunky in its present form, there are companies that can add this functionality to almost any surface. On or off the event site, what surface or object do you wish could be brought to life with touch sensitive capability?

Matt Jenkins