Storefront - the Airbnb of retail space

Launching a popup store means navigating the world of temporary retail. And that can be a total pain in the behonkey, unless you love to deal with legal lease agreements, insurance, various brokers and more.  Enter Storefront as the start up to change your life. It is the Airbnb of the retail space arena.

Storefront is the world's largest online marketplace that helps merchants find and rent the best retail spaces. They make it simple to run a retail store through streamlining the rental process. Their online dashboard lets you pay rent directly and securely to property owners, and includes general liability insurance.

This makes popups more accessible to everyone - we are going to see a lot more than just Fortune 100's going the popup route. I expect to see more popular Etsy sellers, small fashion labels hosting shows, musicians and more setting up temp shops. Holiday stores are the obvious option. But this will also make it SUPER simple to create a thriving storefront community in downtrodden areas during special events, festivals, and sporting championships!