3D Printing: The next big thing

In the world of experiential marketing and branding it is important to be ahead of the game with the latest technology. 3-D printing is becoming more popular by the minute, with the global demand projected to increase more than 20% per year to $5 billion in 2017. This innovative technology has begun to make its way into the branding and marketing field and who better to utilize this technology than experiential marketers!

So what exactly is this technology? Well, 3-D printing is a component of the Additive manufacturing (AM) family. AM involves the creation of an object by adding material to the object layer by layer. 3-D printing is making it easier and faster to produce complex objects with multiple moving parts and intricate designs. This is made possible by computer software that formulates a predetermined plan for the 3-D printer to follow. The computer then directs the 3-D printer to add each new layer as a precise cross-section of the final object. Pretty cool huh?

3-D printing holds tremendous value in the world of experiential marketing and branding. Brands are constantly trying to connect with consumers and 3-D printing could open a whole new door of opportunities to do just that. 3-D printing technology can be utilized to engage the consumer in the creative process, creating quite a memorable experience. Some brands have already jumped on the opportunity such as Coca-Cola, Motorola, Volkswagen, and Disney. Click on this link and take a look at what Volkswagen has done with 3-D printing technology. If you were impressed with what Volkswagen created then you should also check out how Oreo engaged consumers with 3-D printing technology. The possibilities are limitless!