Trending Tuesday

We come across a stunningly massive amount of cool stuff in our travels across the internet. Some of them we tweet @DeptZero, some we share with our officemates, and some just lost in a busy week. So we decided that we would compile a short list each week of the things we are glad we didn’t miss. We would love it if you have anything to share back that we DID miss!

Cool stuff from last week:

  • Standard “sampling” programs for the CPG industry are evolving. Lays partnered up with Uber’s Courier Service to deliver 200 picnics to NYCers on demand. - AdAge 

  • Some New Yorkers are skipping morning spin class for sunrise raves on a party boat. – Huffington Post 

  • US retailer American Eagle Outfitters sued by Miami street artist. Blatant usage of the artist’s well known work appears in their stores, website + billboards. - The Miami Art Scene 

  • Attendees of the San Fran music fest Outside Lands planed their booze smuggling efforts early. They buried their treasure with GPS tags to unearth during the event. - San Fran CBS 

  • This lipdub of the Muppets doing the Beastie Boys, “So Whatchu Want” was played more than we care to admit. - YouTube 

  • Meow Mix released the first of a series of remixes of the original Meow Mix jingle, by DJ Ashworth, and it is EDM cat insanity. – YouTube