Engage Audiences Before Your Doors Open

Creating awareness of a brand and products, building anticipation, and engaging customers are all undeniably important to anyone opening a new store. Retail innovation firm, The Science Project, has unveiled a way to promote engagement between consumers and brands in a space that was previously just a signage opportunity. Using touch, motion, technology and branding, their interactive platform deploys digital experiences in physical spaces quickly and easily. 

Here's the breakdown: You are walking through a shopping area, and inevitably you see a construction wall with a big "Coming Soon!" notice, letting you know what brand will soon be taking up residence in the empty space. Instead of seeing Kate Spade's logo pasted to the wall in vinyl, image that you saw this: 

At a bare minimum, the brand showcases some product and it's playful brand nature. At best, shoppers receive a customized product showcase, which encourages immediate digital shopping, familiarizes them with the brand and product line, and generates excitement for the store opening. All while using otherwise, "dead space." Brilliant.