Meet Jerry + Kelsey, Fall 2015 Interns

The Department Zero intern program is rolling into fall with these two outstanding individuals; Jerry + Kelsey, We're thrilled to have them here, pitching in on real client programs since day one.  Meet the interns! 

Jerad Martin

Ever since I was a young rebellious teenager who was obsessed with punk music, I have had a love of setting up shows. As I grew out of my rebellious teenager phase, the love of booking concerts and other events stayed with me. All through college, my friends and I ran a venue called “Saltwater Taffy House” in our basement organizing and running all kinds of events from bands to the occasional poetry night. Being on a non-existent budget, we had to get creative to promote our events. I had to learn fast and get creative in order for us to have the venue we envisioned. I am excited to take my passion for marketing and use it with and for this amazing company.

Once I found Department Zero, I knew that I had to work there. In what other place would I get to use the skills I had acquired through my love of music? They are the kind of place who rewards creative ideas; they are the company who saw past my resume that lacked in any “professional experience” and instead got to know things about me which couldn’t be learned from a piece of paper. It’s great to have found such a genuine company who has already shown me in my first few days that nothing is off limits and no imagination is too out there. They don’t have me getting coffee or taking out the trash. On day one, I was contributing to the company, and I can’t wait to show them how passionate I am about this opportunity.

Kelsey Vorgert

I recently graduated from the University of Kansas where I majored in marketing and played club volleyball.  After graduation, I wanted to try out the southern hemisphere, so I moved to Australia for a year. I worked events, bar-tended, and roamed the country until I could speak fluent Australian and decided to return to my American mates.

Back in Kansas City, I wanted to jump into the business world and utilize my expensive degree. Department Zero was the perfect place for me to make use of my event experience and love of marketing. Their experiential marketing campaigns are unforgettable and effective.  I’ve only been here a few weeks, but I have already gotten to help plan and execute a brand activation that included towing a throne made of Louisville sluggers around Kansas City. I’m interested in pursing a career in sports marketing, and I can’t wait to see what new learning experiences this internship will bring.