Piano Stairs are still a favorite

We all use stairs everyday, or at least our doctor would like to think we do. The problem is that stairs are boring! Why not try to find a way to make them fun so people have to think just a little different about them. I have seen a good number of ways people reimagine the staircase. My favorite so far has to be Volkswagen’s “Fun Theory” musical stairs.

They made each stair a different key on the piano, as people walked up and down various notes would play. It was a simple and fun way to get people enthusiastic about taking the stairs again. While the angry daily commuter probably hated having to push through people jumping from stair to stair in any direction (although if I were in charge I would make sure it was turned off during rush times) they were probably the only one who felt that way. While the stairs were a piano some 60% more people decided on using the heart healthy piano stairs. Cardiologist everywhere cheered, but more importantly it was fun way to make people change their daily routine for the better.

Volkswagen’s “Fun Theory” by DDB Stockholm produced several iterations between 2009 and 2011, all targeted to find fun ways to help people make make better choices. If you haven’t checked any of them out I would highly suggest doing so!