Meet the Intern: Tori Taylor

Hello All. My name is Tori Taylor and I am the Spring Intern here at Department Zero. I am a recent graduate of Missouri State University in Springfield, MO with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with an emphasis in Advertisement and Promotion. My path through school was a little out of the ordinary. I went to three different universities and changed my major more than I changed my socks, literally. After getting an associate’s degree I landed myself in Springfield, Missouri not knowing a soul. I was determined to find a career that I could be passionate about, that would be fun and creative, but stable and structured. It wasn't easy, trust me. I joined the business fraternity on campus Delta Sigma Pi, and after many interviews with professors, I found myself in a marketing class. I was in love by week two. 

In the next few semesters, I joined Ad Club on campus and went to as many events as humanly possible. One event was in Kansas City, which is home to me. I went more eager than I would imagine possible. I listened to many speakers and presentations. I heard about Department Zero and thought that would be a perfect place to get my feet wet, so to speak. Soon I had cleaned up my cover letter and resume and sent it their way, eagerly waiting and anticipating a response. After a well-prepared (if that’s even possible) interview, I was welcomed onto the Department Zero team. I packed my bags and moved home, enthusiastic to learn and experience everything I could in the agency world.  

Day one, I knew this was a place that I could fit in. I was thrown into it all; sitting in on conference calls, preparing presentations, meeting clients and organizing more spreadsheets than I could ever imagine. I get to closely shadow everyone in the agency, in order to see what everyone does and how they work together as a team. I am very excited for what this internship has in store for me. With the knowledge and experience that I am learning, I know that I will be confident and successful stepping into the real world of marketing agencies.