Photo Activations: Stand Out in a Sea of Selfies

Brands love event photo booths. And it is easy to see why. Individuals are documenting their lives more than ever, and it’s a trend that is likely to grow exponentially. Brands benefit from the resulting social activity, and often collect lead information from their photo booth. For that reason, photo activations have become a staple at events. Every branded area seems to have a variation on the standard photo booth. 

So, how can you make your photo activation rise above the rest? First, you have to know what has become de riguer, to know what will be unexpected. The new photo standards include: 

  • Standins
  • Selfie Stations
  • White Boards
  • Photo Overlays

Below is our current shortlist of next-gen image tactics, to make your next event activation stand out. Trends and tech advancements change quickly, and one engagement tactic certainly does not fit all audiences.