Welcome Melissa Behrens to Department Zero

My name is Melissa and I’m doing my internship in October and November at Department Zero.I’m German and my hometown Stuttgart is about 4,793 miles away from Kansas City. Actually, I’m doing a traineeship at a German brand activation agency. During this traineeship I have the opportunity to work two months abroad and I luckily got the chance to spend these two months in Kansas City. So it’s easy to say I traveled a different road to get this internship then the other interns at Department Zero before.

When I searched for a place for my internship, I was so glad to find Department Zero and I knew this was the perfect place for me to spread my knowledge about brand activation and experiential marketing. I was also impressed by Kansas City - all the fountains and the beautiful sunflowers. After Forbes Kansas City is number 19 of the happiest city to work in right now. So, I think I did everything right!

Now, I’m looking forward to working together with this great team. I’m excited what this internship and Kansas City will have in store for me and how my business activity at Department Zero will differ from my job in Germany. Everyday something unexpected and surprising happens at Department Zero!