2016: The Year of Augmented Reality

The year 2016 is now on its way home. In 43 days we will welcome the New Year. 2016 was full of different technologies, which brought new opportunities for experiential marketing by their main force “bring something to life and make it real”. Virtual reality, 360 degree videos, augmented reality and mixed reality - these technologies shaped the year. Let’s take a deeper look in the hype of augmented reality this year.

Augmented reality has moved far beyond its roots. It has found a way from entertainment over engineering and robotics industry to military industry. Nowadays, the technology is used to let the customers experience educational content on one hand. On the other augmented reality has become a tool for experiential marketing to engage with customers and create a brand-customer-relationship.

A great example of the use of augmented reality is the app Pokémon GO - no one could miss the hit of this summer. During my childhood, I spent countless times playing Pokémon on my Game Boy and exchanging Pokémon cards with my friends. So, how could I ever forget Ash Ketchum and Pikachu? With the app, everyone got the chance to experience the game on its own in the real world and become a Pokémon Master. People were going nuts by locating, capturing, battling and training Pokémons with the app on the screen of their mobile devices. Everyone hunted through their city to achieve the next big catch. The hype isn’t over yet, but new trends and technologies are on their way. Therefore, it will be interesting and exciting what 2017 will have in store for us.

Written by Melissa Behrens, Fall 2016 exchange trainee

Melissa hails from Stuttgart, Germany, and has been spending the last 2 months at Department Zero HQ, learning how brand activations in the USA differ from her experience in her native Deutschland.