Hooray! We're a teenager today.

What did the world look like on the day you were born? Revel in some 2000's nostalgia with us, as we take a quick look at happenings in the year 2003, when Department Zero was created. 


Today, 13 years ago, Department Zero was founded by two 26 year olds, in the spare bedroom of a small house in a small suburb of Kansas City. Our first client was an auto brand, and we were literally off to the races. Within our first 2 years, we had opened our first office, hired our first employees, and bought our first conference table. By the time we reached 5 years, we had grown tremendously, and opened new office locations. We were working directly with regional clients, and heavily focused in the automotive industry. Department Zero learned how to weather a recession, continue to evolve, and moved our KC HQ into a brand new, bigger office. When we turned 10 years old, we debuted our new logo and identity. Our company started to produce more experiential efforts for advertising and PR agencies, and in-house client agencies. Our talent division, Pepper Event Talent & Staffing, was created. Today, 13 years later, we are exceptionally proud and grateful for the people who make Department Zero hum. Our co-workers and open-minded clients are the most amazing people, producing some of the best work in the history of this company. Cheers to 13 years! 

Sara Soseman