Collaboration is key

Wholesome to the Core - ExhibitorOnline - Opal Apple Popup

Thanks to Exhibitor Magazine’s Corporate Event Awards, for the recognition and beautiful spotlight of our Opal Apple Popup, one of just 5 winning brand activations for 2019. Collaboration was the key to success, bringing together great ideas, solid strategic planning, fast thinking to take advantage of opportunities as quickly as they appeared, and flawless visual production. It is a joy to work with other agencies and marketers, when we all pull together. This effort by Opal Apple’s Washington state grower FirstFruits, marketing agency Golden Sun Marketing out of Minnesota, New York based PR Firm Carolyn Izzo Integrated Communications, Department Zero in Kansas City, and Brooklyn-based environmental design firm, Sets & Effects. We all adored how everything looked when it all came together, but it was the powerful awareness and media exposure that clinched the win.

If the pop-up's goal-shattering traffic was a slice of warm apple pie, then the media attention it generated was the scoop of ice cream on top. CIIC was able to score 10 on-site press interviews with journalists from the likes of Health and Better Homes & Gardens magazines, and the PR blitz ultimately resulted in 54 media placements in city guides, news websites, influential blogs, and more. Factor in the "Fox & Friends" spot and pop-up visitors' social-media posts, and FirstFruits reaped more than 44 million media and social impressions with an ad value of almost $2.5 million.