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Your Name
Date of Event *
Date of Event
How many people did our team engage with for more than a few minutes? These people are generally interested - not those that just took a coupon/sample and left
This does NOT include front door samples taken - just main sampling kiosk
How many bags did we hand out during the course of the event?
Did the store know about the event (provide details)? Did the store use the sampling tower at the front (provide details)? How productive was sampling prep before and during the event? Was the deli prepared with sampled cut and cubed for us? Did we have enough time to get ready before the 10am start time? Were toothpicks used for samples (please explain if not)?
What kind of response did consumers have to the product sampling? Were they happy to see us? too busy to stop? appreciative of the coupons, etc?
If so, how many?
What did people say about the posts?