Digital + Experiential: Location Based Event Engagement

The Scion Live event app creates a seamless integration between the physical and digital brand experience. At Scion marketing events, consumers use their smartphones to gain access to exclusive content, product information, games and more. Location based triggers sends digital messaging and content based on the consumers' physical location and movement. Event goers receive proximity relevant information as they enter various vehicles, interact with product displays, visit to different areas of the venue and more.

+ Location based event tech amplifies the live experience with relevant digital content
+ Consumers gain access to content on their phones as they visit different areas of the event space, interact with branded displays and sit inside vehicles. 
+ Virtual scavenger hunt and other digital games to find hidden locations to win prizes
+ Creates long term engagement platform across multiple events and activation efforts
+ Live messaging, segmenting and location tracking
+ In-depth reporting provides real-time, actionable data

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