Vanity Fair Lingerie - #LiftTOUR Retail Roadshow

+ Women 25 - 54

+ Support the Vanity Fair Lingerie re-branding campaign, "The Women Who Do." 
+ Activate at retail to educate consumers and train sales associates on new product
+ Drive awareness and generate buzz 

+ Visiting partner retailers, the mobile roadshow invited women to trial product while learning about proper fitting techniques. For every women who participated, Vanity Fair donated a brand-new bra to the local Dress for Success affiliate.    
+ 12 Markets; 70+ events
+ Customized bus with 2 dressing rooms, social media wall, product displays
+ Professional fitters engage consumers + train retail sales associates
+ Dress for Success philanthropy partnership; clothing donation 
+ Personalized messages attached to each donated item
+ “I Support” digital photo station 
+ Blogger / influencer events 
+ Event Marketer article

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